Do we know where we started ?

The story never start or end. It just go with flow. We don’t know the beginning of anything. We assume everything with fact and figures. It is like a dream; you are sleeping and suddenly you are in middle of somewhere. You don’t know why you are here or what is the purpose? You wake up and your dream stopped. However you didn’t finish in the dream what were you doing there and is it completed? It just stopped. So we don’t know the ending also. All these are unfinished business of someone and we are appending us to each other without knowing the beginning.


We all thought it all begin from our birth. I don’t know, if it is true, why we are in middle of something. Why it is not begin with us. I can’t tell either of this. I wanted something which I don’t know. I believe that I born to do something great and unforgettable. I don’t know the path yet. Most of the people are same like they know that feeling inside of them. One day something is going to happen well or great. Eventually we lead to different path due to distracted thought of desired instead of exploring.

We just lost from our path which is destined to our purpose of the life. If I think like we are missing something in our life. Let me tell you all. It is true, we are missing very important thing in our life.

Now, you all will be surprised, are we really missing something? I will again say yes. It is not like we are doing purposely. We are so focus for future and lost in past.

Am I referring any word, actually I am referring. However, it is true. I am doing the same. What I wanted to say that we had some purpose of life apart from this daily schedule. It is inbuilt we don’t know yet. Like grass never know the purpose of their life and bamboo trees.

Do we know their purpose of the life, they just grow but there size and specification are different. So there quality and purpose is also make them different.

Thank God!! They don’t have brain πŸ˜›

Do we still have that what we are missing? As you all read several blog and content, I think all we wanted to say, we are missing today, present and your single breath which make you alive.


So breath deeply and live fully with no regrets as you all know one moment you will stop breathing and your heart will stop pounding. Before it happen make your day worthy for yourself. Live love πŸ™‚



This word ” Success” made me think. What do we understand the meaning of success. Doesn’t it mean richest person in world? Does it mean

If yes then we will be never rich because there are no limit to be rich.

Success word itself made me think. If anyone want to become success then do what you want to do. Don’t bound yourself. Its always right to do unless you hurt intentionally .This word is also make think, Do we really want to hurt intentionally. what actually play of the word.

Every word define new meaning when it attach to any sentence. Like we experience new thing and when a new chapter of life begin. we scare to start but that start may lead to you success.

DOT (.)

There is not specific to say about the DOT (.). I would like to say to people who might thinking about the left out or may one in odd.
The DOT (.) may use in every different aspect in sentences. Let me show you the few sentences.

  • My name is Parveen Naaz.
  • How are you?
  • I have a big day tomorrow; I wanted to do live that moment.
  • There are two choices at this time: run away or fight.
  • Ah!

I think we might have enough sentences to see the DOT (.). What you guys see in all above sentences. Did you find any sentence complete without the DOT (.)?
Even the question and exclamatory sentence have the DOT (.) to complete them.
I know you guys were thinking about that what I wanted say and explain with the DOT (.).
It is you whom I wanted to show you that how important you are. Nothing can complete without you. All each one are important.
I read so many articles about the people who committed suicide. I know how difficult sometime it feel be left alone or being alone or may be worst situation such as life difficulties. Sometimes the other people and sometime love etc. If I will mention whole reason, this content will fill with those stuff. In that scenario we will lose again the DOT (.). Like we always do, we always lose ourselves, we forgot how special we are. We are the DOT (.) who complete so many thing in the life, like DOT (.) complete the circle, lines: 2 DOT (.) connected and we have the lines eventually if we look closer, It have so many DOT (.)S. We always left those DOTS (.). We always wanted the bigger thing in our life. We dont see how important is the small thing and connecting all small DOTS (.) whole new bigger thing.
The point which I wanted to make, we always have choices to choose according the circumstance but those never define ourselves. Sometime we may be a vulnerable but we need to find a path to patch those vulnerability. We cant give upon ourselves by ending something. It will never give you peace. It will just another left out story. So complete your story, choose something more over choose to live over death.
Make you DOT (.) to complete something. Believe in you, you always make out over difficulties. It is true if it is not then, you might not born and nothing would happened all this.
This is (.) you.
: Always smile like a half moon ☺

The Product

I am so delight to write about this. Now everyone will wonder what The Product word excite me write.
I will definitely say, this word will never excite me say. Eventually I am not going to write about the word The Product. This word is result of the discussion.

All people definitely miss there school days. I really miss those days. The school days are more important part of life and it play a vital role to build ourselves. Now here come what excite me to write about it. I love to do teaching job. Somehow I didnt reach to my destiny yet. I know one day I will be there and make a mark to change the future.
I dont like our education system. If I will start the voting for same, I am sure that I will win. The school or our so called education system wanted to make our life bright and shiny. Do we really agree the same? We got movie for same Faltu. I love the concept of the movie. The Dialogue which I like most that If the system wanted to fit in there criteria then why they dont set the criteria same for passing. This we will discuss later.

Anyone can comment below, what they learn from there school which help them to build their career and life. Yes, The Life which is most important. We have high number of suicide in teenage etc. If I will discuss, it will lead me different direction.
Let me first I will tell you one incident why I brought this topic to discuss. Today On my way to office, I was sitting next to a girl, who was reading some Xerox note. I was happy to remind my days of college and school. She might be having any exam. She was memorizing something. When I saw the paper.

The question is What is learning? It was B.ED Paper. She was memorizing about the learning definition. At some point of life, we all do same. We just memorize, we dont understand the concept or meaning. We just learned. Then I got the point It is like factory and we are making product which they have same color and quantity or quality.
We need to stop to make product. If it is the way then I know that God must have created us in same way. We are not different from other. We are unique and antique. We have something which other people are not having because it doesnt mean to have. Stop making us to like other.

We are not a product, we are so precious treasure in our flaws. I would request to all people that try to teach their children the values of the life. We might reduce the gap and so many problems of our life. We cant change the whole world at one shot, it will happen gradually and we need all of the support. We need to support to make the world more beautiful.

Let help to shine your children 😊
Always smile like a half moon.


what makes you? “You”.  Have you ever think about this?

Yes, everybody had thought so many time. So many people have wrote about it and gave speeches. Show us the ways how we find ourself and try to find you for yourself. 

Let me ask why we need find yourself in first place. Did you asked to yourself about this. Some may have asked and some may have thought to asked. Most of never bothered about this.

I may be wrong for above statement. So why its so important to make you from you. Its simple as water.

Let observe water.  Its transparent and clear. But if we mix water with any other substance do we will get those transparency.  I found new form of water but it will no more water.

” You” are more than you. Don’t think what you can do or not. Just try and you will find your new form. Why we are killing kid in our inside.

So be you no matter what happened.  Don’t leave your side. If you are here everything will fall place what is meant to be. 

Difference ☺

I am not a writer but still I wanted to write most of thing.

Today I am writing because of yesterday incident and made me think of the difference of the people.

Yesterday I went to shopping for eid.  Let me tell you that I am not good at shopping. Usually i need help from other people for suggestion.  So its started like I was trying some kurtis and suddenly a girl was standing behind of my back. I asked her how does the kurti looks on me. She was generously replied and our conversation moved ahead.  She got to know that I am muslim while discussion with shop keeper. She asked that ‘ Are you muslim’? I also asked to her and found she was also muslim.  The question which made me think was that ‘Oh you are kolkata muslim’. 

So I was thinking from yesterday what’s make us difference from anyone.

I read alot inspiring qoute and story. I watch videos. what I learn that there are no superior and inferior to you.

I wanted to tell one more thing that grass can’t compare with bamboo because there purpose of life is different.

When i studied history in schooling. I found about the caste system such as brahmin, kshatriya,  vaishyas & shudras etc.  I read about there part of the society.

Does this mean that we are different from other. Yes we are. 

We all are from diff religions, caste and color but we share same values.

Values which  make us human and remain alive the humanity.


Today I am going to talk about the depression.

This word is sufficient to explain your pain. You are low in mind and doomed in your journey.I am suffering from depression and anxiety. I am trying to overcome but Its feeling quite difficult.Its seem like every door has close and every friend has left even your best one. No one understand you. There are no place in anybody life. So much to say but there are no word to express your pain. I know this is not the way to express yourself.

But you find yourself alone in  very important day.  Nobody to talk to you or say anything to you. You are unable to take decision and you cried every night.Sometime I think from where I got these much tear in my head.

why I cry a lot instead of finding the way and learning the new thing. I can engage myself in some work. why I am looking aplace in anybody life or expecting to call me and wish or spend time with me.

I know that I am not useless or bad . I should think I  don’t belong them. God had sent me for some reason , Why I don’t find my calling. Oh God , Its to hard to not expect. why you build this feature in human. why I don’t let it go the thing which ddidn’t work out for me, why I wait for someone to take care for me. Why I feel pity for myself. why I don’t feel confident. I write very well but Why I messed up while speaking.


These all are not so hard. I closed my mind so hard and Its to difficult to see through. But I know myself that I can do , I know this time will pass and the sun will rise with more brightness.